Taobao customer site a year of growth experience

to do a website now has more than two years, Taobao is also almost a year off. From the alimama came out, it has been concerned about, they launched the Taobao customer intimate contact with the first, in August last year, I started to do the first Taobao guest website, now almost a year, and the following we talk about my Taobao customer experience.

Taobao customers can really make money? There are a lot of questions, especially the novice webmaster. About two months ago alimama Amoy channel launched a list of commission, of course, alimama also want to attract more owners to join the. The top five Zhou Yongjin is full of temptation, the income should not blow off, Taobao does not make money webmaster can look oh; however, the purpose of alimama was achieved, with more and more owners to join, Taobao customers has become the Red Sea, the highest Commission of the Zhou Yongjin list from twenty-six thousand fall to seventeen thousand now about. read more

How to deal with the traditional e commerce retail PK e commerce tide

the rapid development of the Internet has led to the tide of e-commerce, resulting in consumer change is also surging. Eleven double data Tmall as we show, the popularity of increasing electricity market step by step to erode the share of traditional retail stores, PK network, how to deal with the traditional retail e-commerce tide


retailers have OCS

online shopping huge impact and stimulation, so that our country’s traditional retail industry staged a "net" blockbuster. read more

Pour cold water bleeding through mergers and acquisitions Jingdong Tencent forced PO

until now it is difficult to believe that the Tencent and the Jingdong are really together, but the details of the transaction and the transfer of the advance raise a Babel of criticism of slightly different.

March 10th morning news, Tencent (00700.HK) announced that the Jingdong will acquire 15% of the shares before the listing, the Tencent will pay $214 million in addition, the B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat Network incorporated Jingdong. At the same time, Jingdong will acquire the Tencent B2C platform QQ online shopping and C2C platform pat Network of 100% equity, logistics personnel and assets, as well as a minority stake in easy fast network and the right to buy the remaining shares of easy fast network. read more

n order to successfully create a business you have to do 5 things


seems to be difficult to create a new enterprise. But as long as your idea is consistent with your financial situation, there are some basic things that are interlinked.

to create a new business seems to be a very difficult thing. Of course, the specific situation depends on the type of business you are building: manufacturers face special challenges, retailers and consulting firms. But as long as your idea is consistent with your financial situation, there are some basic things that are interlinked. read more

Mobile phone ringtones of Canon money online 1 edition on

mobile phone to make money online the sunflower ringtones version 1 (on)

assassin · first in the map of the king of the webmaster network, the original article, reprint please keep this article complete

  at the beginning of 2005, thanks to the Internet graph king show, make money and promotion, was barely into the door. The above product promotion from Taobao eBay registration, movies, ringtones and various click ads, almost all do a lot of. Promotion methods, but also learn to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine spam (cheating), client promotion, etc.. Because the movie advertisements don’t love almost pornography, will focus on promoting other products above, among them, the biggest profit ringtones. From 1 to two products every day, do thousands of monthly day later. Figure Wang met to say, assassin, you crazy. It is also because tasted the sweetness of it, then do the investment palm show, now palm Alliance ( show ringtones domestic status, needless to say, the Internet just soso ringtone products, buy advertising to push, basically do show the palm. In the process of their promotion and operation in the show ring palm, summarizes some promotion way, graph king has been urging me to write out, say I am not afraid of other people to steal my money, I smiled and replied, fear of others to make money, to invest for advertising? read more

The Jingdong fake businesses or face million fine

July 28th, the media exposure of the domestic electricity supplier collective selling,, Jingdong and a large number of well-known business platform to the in the teeth of the storm. After a few days, "and selling businesses how to deal with", "business can not buy luxury goods became consumers are most concerned about. In this regard, the latest response from Xinhua Technology Jingdong is selling businesses will face a penalty of 1 million yuan, or 10 times according to the amount of cumulative sales of all stores for punishment. Consumers to buy fake provisions will be 3 times the compensation. read more

Wuhan shop tax is a misreading of the first individual shop temporarily not taxed

Wuhan IRS days ago opened the first domestic tax on the individual shop Taobao online shop in a women’s collection of more than 430 million tax triggered network sellers collective loss, some shop owners even began to be registered migrationelsewhere, more owners fear, whether the land area of the Yangtze River delta developed will quickly follow the network transaction. In view of the doubts, the reporter from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of industry and commerce, taxation and other confirmed to the outside of the taxes for online stores misunderstanding, in fact, be taxed, the operating entity shop online business, the IRS is levied by the entity enterprises last year’s value-added tax, corporate income tax, the tax is not the pure personal shop." read more

The analysis of Taobao train positioning techniques Amoy blue solution


train, precision marketing tool for a better, no matter the size can be opened, make money but smile, lose heart, this platform seemingly everyone can participate, actually requires a certain skill, how you can drive the train, can cause better development, this the seller should be a lot of issues of concern. The following Amoy blue ocean to briefly describe some personal views on the operation of the car tips and methods. Many people say that it is not easy to drive through, in fact, driving is a skill! read more

Gome online cross border electricity supplier overseas purchase of the Japanese Museum on line

NetEase Francisco December 7th news, Gome announced today O2O officially enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier, and the Japanese retail giant BIC CAMERA (Miller will Hakka) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to start overseas purchase the first station of Japanese national museum".

according to reports, the United States online layout of cross-border electricity supplier, the preliminary selection of Japan China tourists to buy the highest frequency of more than 450 kinds of goods, in the United States online overseas purchase Japan Pavilion and Gome line entity stores sales O2O. At the same time, the United States and the United States and the BIC online membership integration with each other, common procurement, product warranty, mutual promotion and other cooperation. read more

Vip com vacuity original then alleged false sale discount sales

deficiency list and then discount sales, so the marketing tactics in the sale by the United States listed on Beijing Daily reporter survey found that by virtue of the "featured brand + discount + depth flash sale" genuine sale mode, become one of the three major electricity supplier forms China, the same goods, discount price is not low counterparts; even some products directly raise the price. related personnel, said commodity prices provided by the brand side, the electricity supplier platform may also lead to different channels of price differences. read more