Xining City Health Bureau during the Spring Festival to increase the number of carbon monoxide poiso

the morning of February 1st, the City Health Bureau issued a bulletin during the Spring Festival the city’s health safety and emergency monitoring of the situation, pointed out that in January 25th to January 31st during the Spring Festival, the city did not occur in public health emergencies, all kinds of medical institutions at all levels where a total of 1393 patients, the poisoned 27 people (20 people, 4 people, carbon monoxide poisoning pesticide poisoning alcohol poisoning 3 people), accidental injuries to 420 passengers (beaten or stabbed, injured, hurt firecrackers etc.), the other 946 passengers. All the patients were treated in time, no deaths. read more

Xining introduced heavy pollution weather emergency plan to maximize the protection of air quality

Xining municipal government recently issued the "Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan (for Trial Implementation)". For different levels of air pollution in the future, Xining will take the appropriate emergency plan to maximize the protection of air quality, protect the health of the people of the public.

has effect on the establishment of heavy pollution weather, heavy pollution weather emergency mechanism, improve the prediction, early warning and emergency response ability of city weather heavy pollution, heavy pollution weather emergency work to ensure the efficient and orderly manner, to reduce the heavy pollution weather hazards, protect environmental safety and public health, promote social harmony, according to Xining City, the relevant laws and regulations, formulated and promulgated the "Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Trial)". Plan to take into account the severity of atmospheric pollution and the duration of the development of early warning grading. In the light of the order of three grade, two grade, early warning level, marked with yellow, orange, red, but also a clear warning and specific circumstances, termination rules, processes and various types of air pollution emergency response measures. read more

Tourism market to carry out joint law enforcement inspection

August, is the most beautiful season in Qinghai, Qinghai tourism is the most popular season. The tourist season for tourists the explosive growth of tourism safety problems exposed, in late August, the Provincial Tourism Office of the joint meeting to coordinate the relevant members of the unit, consisting of the joint inspection team, supervision and inspection of the tourism industry in our province in key areas of the tourism market security.

Xining campus classic reading a hundred flowers contend in beauty

In March 27th, in my view, Gate Street Primary School to start reading the Chinese classics theme activities in primary and middle schools in the city, in 35 schools in four districts of Xining, hundreds of moral vice president, cadres and counselors to participate in the ceremony, and to observe the Xining and achieved fruitful results in the city since the school reading Chinese classics.

it is understood that the theme is Xining Chong Ying seized one of the important contents of the city, through reading activities let the children accept the influence of Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture, better inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue, and strengthening students’ culture, arouse students’ patriotic emotion; through reading activities, let students understand Xining Qinghai distant ancient national history pioneering and innovative work history, inspire students to my hometown, love home, home building enthusiasm for the creation of a harmonious civilization in Xining all round contribute their wisdom and strength. In view of the scene, the door "listen to the voice of the Flower Street Primary School" theme activities to win the applause, teachers and students live show to recite the poem "Qinghai grass", "spring", "heart", "spring snow" · and a small chorus "early spring", make the campus classic reading the results of the school-based curriculum shine, won the applause. It is reported that after a city, the Xining campus of the Chinese classic reading activities have a trend, All flowers bloom together. Zhengyan Doo Yan city’s elementary and middle school students, love, close to the classic habit of the basic form of Ancient Chinese Literature Search. read more

The provincial government and the China nsurance Regulatory Commission signed a strategic cooperati

9 27, the provincial government and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission strategic cooperation memorandum signing ceremony held in Xining. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended the signing ceremony, governor Hao Peng, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, respectively, on behalf of the two sides signed the memorandum on behalf of the president of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, respectively.

according to the memorandum of cooperation, Chinese CIRC and the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government in establishing and perfecting the modern system of insurance market, the insurance funds to encourage and support the green investment, a multi-level social security system, broaden the agricultural insurance breadth and depth, the innovation of social management and public service, service Qinghai economic restructuring and upgrading, boosting poverty alleviation, expand communication and cooperation and the establishment of stable operation mechanism of the insurance market. read more

Xining private cars increased female driver traffic accidents increased

reporter learned from the traffic police department, in recent years, with the growth of private cars in Xining, a minor traffic accidents increased significantly, the female driver of traffic accident prone, female novice has become the main growth point of traffic accidents".

recently, the reporter found along with the traffic police department inspection on the road, there are many problems of the female driver novice, their driving experience is not long, there are some new vehicles on the card is just. It is understood that from the beginning of last year, the school’s students, the proportion of women increased, in the new female driver, the real car owners or very few, most people just act as a private car "deputy". According to a school principal, a lot of female drivers in the car and with the lack of coordination, throttle when the brake, rear end, flameout, back against the wall and other phenomena often occur, these are because they had an emergency panic caused by improper measures; in addition, in the case of slow speed, long time in the fast lane, lane change when the surrounding environment is not observed, female rookie mistakes. Traffic police department pointed out that some women wear high heels or wear a skirt, it will affect the driving, with the increasing temperature, the rate of traffic accidents caused by female drivers are rising. Traffic police department to remind the majority of female drivers, in order to drive safety, do not wear high heels and skirts while driving, do not hang the decorations in the car affect the line of sight. read more

Six households have been investigated and dealt with Xining refined oil scrapped automobile dismantl

at the end of July, the administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau rectification inspection Xining scrap car recycling market and oil market, to regulate the market circulation and operation order. Inspection, a total of six do not comply with the provisions of the law households are investigated according to law.

it is understood that the special rectification is mainly based on whether the operating conditions and requirements, whether there is a super range of business practices, etc.. Law enforcement officers to focus on the inspection of 30 gas stations in Xining, as well as the dismantling of the 8 companies engaged in the business of scrapped cars. At present, law enforcement officers have been to Huangyuan Haiyuan gas station and 5 suspected counterfeit gasoline business enterprises, issued a notice to correct the illegal, and to investigate and punish the illegal trade in scrap auto parts Xining Shenfei recycling scrap car dismantling companies operating the Department of Datong second. read more

Promote the brand construction of agricultural products and promote the industrialization of agricul

In recent years, Xining City, the brand building of agricultural products as the development of agricultural products market, accelerate the development of modern agriculture, an important measure to promote farmers’ income to grasp, through the implementation of agricultural brand strategy, vigorously promote the standardization of production, industrial management, market operation, through a variety of policy support, support the advantages of leading enterprises bigger and stronger agricultural brand products, cultivate a group of high quality, high efficiency and safety, ecological quality of agricultural products, promote the rapid development of brand agriculture, and achieved certain results read more

Vienna John Strauss Orchestra New Year Concert

Hearty gentle waltz, cheerful and energetic, vibrant Polka march…… The evening of December 30, 2015, world renowned Vienna John · Strauss Orchestra at the Qinghai Grand Theatre played 2016 New Year Concert, New Year bring cadenza for our province to the masses, but also opened the Qinghai theatre in the spring season.

Second provincial inspection teams stationed in the provincial Office of the provincial policy resea

according to the provincial unified deployment, provincial inspection teams stationed in the second provincial office, the provincial policy research to carry out inspections for a period of two months of special. In November 30th and December 1st respectively, inspections held a mobilization meeting, the provincial second inspection team leader Liu Jianqing made a mobilization speech, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo, provincial Party committee zhengyanshi (provincial reform office) deputy director Wang Changan position statement. Xin Yunbo, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team to participate in the mobilization of the meeting of the. read more