Make your own website how to get the favor of Shanghai love


said the topic here, we will ask for love, Shanghai, it is generally favored which website? I at this time the experience of network companies, in my opinion, the following general

again, there is a small details of the above problem, it is time for love in Shanghai included in the site, it may be the same with each of us, it will pay more attention to the front page of the site, as if we look at a man, the first impression is likely to be important, if the first impression is not good, back to want to have a good development that it is more difficult to love, in reality Shanghai search results often will turn on the front page of the site to display, and not go to details. read more

Even the Shanghai dragon master may not know the Shanghai dragon three lies

in many of the Shanghai dragon in the article, we can always see some stereotyped views. An article that we may write a few articles that half believe and half doubt, we will write many articles for gospel truth, write this, I’ll just take it as the truth. But in fact, the ancients have taught us: every letter is better than no book. May be passed on by the error, perhaps is the search engine technology improved, in which we regard it as the truth of Shanghai Longfeng paper, but also mixed with a lot of lies. I found these common mistakes in trying and learning, so I used to share with you. read more